Forensic Data Recovery

Law enforcement agencies, forensic consulting firms and human resources departments are among CBL’s forensic service clients.

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CBL provides them with the services and expertise required to collect evidence from computer systems and the forensic analysis capabilities of storage media in search of deleted, hidden or maliciously or accidentally damaged data.

Evidence garnered from computer storage devices can be as critical to the successful prosecution of a case as any other physical evidence. With the burgeoning “white collar” criminal activity dependent on computer technology, CBL’s forensic expertise assists our clients in gathering evidence that may otherwise be overlooked, undiscovered or contaminated.

CBL’s Computer Forensics practice utilizes experts skilled in ensuring that all digital data has been handled within the legal principles of security, continuity and accountability. The integrity of CBL’s procedures and processes will withstand the challenges presented in a court of law.

CBL’s entry into computer forensics required a sophisticated level of understanding of today’s requirements for law enforcement and legal procedures. To this end, CBL has retained the expertise of leading practitioners in these fields. Detective Superintendent Larry Edgar and Elliot Berlin, L.L.B., were instrumental in ensuring the forensic practices developed by CBL met the high standards required under court-required rules of evidence and legal procedures. Both experts continue to oversee CBL’s forensic services ensuring CBL’s practices and procedures remain current.