External Hard Drive

As more and more people save ‘media rich content’ locally, external hard drives have quietly become the largest growing segment of storage technology over the past few years.

DELL Brand

These cost-effective hard drives provide ample storage for small and medium sized businesses, home users and even large companies to store vast amounts of data files, photos, music and movies. Users have multiple storage options ranging from USB connectivity to FireWire technology or they can use a NAS and access the external hard drive’s storage space over their local network. In addition, some external hard drives may come with more than one hard drive for built-in redundancy or simply for a larger capacity archive area. While some of the NAS units may use any one of a variety of Linux-based operating systems, the majority of external USB and FireWire hard drives will use the same file system as its host computer, mainly being Windows or Mac. Recommended by hard drive manufacturers, CBL has the data recovery experience you need to recover data from all forms of external hard drives and drive failures.


As a worldwide leader in data recovery services, CBL is able to recover data from the most extreme cases of external hard drive failures, including power surges and having the unit fall on the floor. Our hard drive recovery specialists are truly data recovery experts, with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard-disk technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.

OEM-Approved External Drive Data Recovery

CBL’s external hard drive data recovery methods are warranty safe and recommended by leading external hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, LaCie, HP and more. Rest assured, if you are in need of recovery services for your external hard drive, you have found the right place. CBL can help.