Shipping Information

Direct Shipping Instructions to CBL Data Recovery Follow these simple steps to ship your device safely and securely to one of our state-of-the-art Data Recovery facilities.

Hard Drive
  1. Contact us to request your free evaluation and a customer service representative will let you know which of our facilities to ship your device to. We’ll provide a free shipping label with tracking information. Alternately, you can drop off your device at one of our conveniently located partner locations across the United States
  2. If possible, wrap the device in an anti-static material.
  3. Pack the device in a box twice the size of the media, using foam, bubble or any anti-shock / vibration material. This is to ensure that it does not move around in the package during shipment.
  4. Identify your package with the Project # provided and Contact information. (Client can also print the label generated by the system once the request form is submitted)
  5. We’ll notify you via email as soon as your device received at the CBL lab location.